10 Cool Decorations Brighten Up Your Easter Front Porch

Spring is in the air which means that it is almost Easter. That is also great time to dress up your home’s outdoor. Displaying outdoor Easter decorations in the front yard is a cool way to kick off the spring season and welcome your visitors. Whether you like Easter tower on the front porch or you want to create your own giant Easter baskets, DIY Easter decorations all will turn your outdoors into colors. And many of these handmade decorations can built from upcycled or repurposed materials, so you do not need to invest a lot of money. Take a look and start your work!

#1. Very clever DIY Easter basket projects:

With a Plastic Basket and Pool Noodle, a fun Easter basket can be easily made. And the most interesting project is that using this clever idea we can turn a flower pot into a basket.

#2. Add a spring carrot wreath made from a bundle of tulips to the front of door to celebrate colorful season:

Make one follow this instruction: lovethetompkins.com

#3. The display of old galvanized wash tub, old rusty bucket with flowers and old vintage wooden berry crate bring rustic Easter style to your front porch:

See the more details here: littlebrags.blogspot.com

#4. Build a mini resurrection garden in a terracotta flower pot:

Pick up a Large Rock from yard for the Tombstone, and make Crosses from 6 Small Branches using hot glue
or twine. Then use Moss and Small rocks to decorate the mini Easter garden.

See the more details here: hometalk.com

#5. Very curious about how this hay Easter bunny’s ears are made. Yes, I didn’t guess wrong, they were made from old ceiling fan blades:

#6. Bring Easter spirit to your window boxes with these giant eggs:

#7. Take a concrete planter as the base, then use the twigs to form the nests to make this unique Easter egg tower:

#8. Cone-shaped Easter bunny baskets hung on the white lamp post, create a very attractive effect:

#9. Lovely crepe paper Easter baskets can be sweet packages for gifts:

Check out the full instruction here: smilemercantile.com

#10. Making wooden yard carrots like these requires some professional carpentry skills. But I think you can buy some plastic carrots in the local craft shop, which can have a similar effect:

If you are good at woodworking, check out the full instruction here: instructables.com