15 Genius Tips for Creating Hanging Pantry Storage

Are you always looking for some tips and tricks to improve the storage space in your kitchen pantry? If the answer is Yes, then you will get them here. Through creating suspended storage you can have a lot of extra shelf space to store your spices, fresh produce, snacks and other things that need to be fitted in. Here are some of our favorite hanging pantry storage hacks:

1. Combine hooks with binder clips to create extra hanging storage:

2. Use hooks to hang these woven baskets on the old shutter to get hanging pantry storage:

3. Install a curtain clips RACK between shelves and the pantry door to utilize that narrow storage space in your pantry:

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4. Just use double-sided sticky tape to install this hanging rack to organize your spices on your pantry shelves:

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5. 4 eye bolts and 2 bungee cords can help you get rid of the issue of storing paper towels:

6. For Hanging Chip Bags Use Clothes Hangers:

7. Mount under cabinet racks to store foods:

8. Create an Over The Door Pantry Storage with a Shoe Organizer:

9. Use binder clips to keep your freezer bags closed and utilizing empty air space in your freezer:

10. Pencil drawer organizers screwed to the wall for extra pantry storage for spices:

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11. Utilize the peg board to organize your favorite pans:

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12. Spice clips on the inside of a pantry cabinet door:

13. Reuse a shower caddy for pantry hanging storage:

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14. Hanging wire baskets for produce storage:

See the step by step instruction here.

15. Hang Metal Storage Bins and Give Them Some Cool Labels Too:

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