17 Clever Ideas How to Make a Tiny Fridge Bigger

Refrigerators are the necessary equipment for every home, every kitchen, and they help us store all of our favorite snacks, condiments and meals under the best conditions. Small kitchens because of limited space, can’t set up large fridges, so you need some clever hacks to organize your refrigerator to get more storage space. These tricks are also necessary for large kitchens. Keeping your fridge organized not only increase your storage, but makes it easier to find food what you are looking for and keeps food from going to waste. Here we have gathered 17 genius organized hacks from those great blogs, will make the most of your limited refrigerator and freezer space. Have a look!

1. Cleverly use the space of the sides of your fridge by gluing magnetic sheets to the bottom of small plastic storage containers:

Source: tatertotsandjello.com

2. Lining shelves with “press and seal” wrap to keep your refrigerator clean and sticky-free:

Tutorial: wikihow.com

3. Store condiments upside down in an empty egg carton can save you a lot of effort on squeezing condiments:

4. Take advantage of every inch of your fridge by clipping opened bags underneath a shelf:

Source: melindamassie.com

5. Space-saving beverage dispenser for your fridge, just taking up a little shelf space:

Source: lifehacker.com    and     jakandjil.se    You can buy it here.

6. Use magnetic bottle holders to hang your bottles on the top of your fridge:

You can get them on amazon.

7. A “Eat Me First” bin can help you prevent future waste. You can put it near the front of the fridge for expiring foods:

8. Use file clips clipped to the wire of fridge shelf to stack beer bottles:

9. Use cheap multi-purpose bins to create dividers to organize the bottom pull-out style freezer:

Source: simplyorganized.me

10. Use a cheap wire rack to add an extra shelf and double your storage space:

Source: lifehacker.com   and   thekitchn.com.

11. Take advantage of dollar store baskets to organize refrigerator items into food groups:

Source: thedomesticgeekblog.com

12. Set a small section with plastic drawer to create a snack zone for your kids to keep them from tearing apart your nicely organized fridge:

Source: pinningwithpurpose.blogspot.com

13. It’s a pull-out shelf rack that slips all your zipper bags in place for easy access:

More info about this project: kickstarter.com.

14. Turn magazine holders into freezer shelves:

15. Transfer condiments to matching squeeze bottles to fit more on the fridge door:

Source: jakandjil.se   and   pinterest.com.

16. A set of slide-on drawers allow you to use the space under the shelf:

You can buy it at amazon.

17. Placing a Lazy Susan in your icebox can maximize shelf space, but keep everything easy in reach:

You can buy it on amazon.