20 Cool Ideas for Getting Privacy in Summer Patio and Yard

Summer is a wonderful season, allowing you to enjoy that cozy time on your porch, yard, balcony or garden. But when you enjoy your outdoor space, are you worried about privacy? No matter how proud you’re of your outdoor space or the relationship between you and your neighbors is very close, you all need a little space that will provide you some privacy when needed. Having privacy doesn’t mean closing it up or building walls around your sitting area, but using natural elements and materials to create a subtle shield that will make you feel comfortable. For example: you can get added privacy in your yard by building a trellis or lattice screen, or by planting tall lemon grass in the tall wooden planter for the balcony privacy. Want more? Take a look below ideas…

#1. Get added privacy in your yard by building a trellis or lattice screen:

#2. Bamboo shades let you get more privacy in outdoor time and also help you avoid strong sunlight:

#3. Upcycle old windows and add a little privacy to your patio or deck:

#4. Plant tall lemon grass in the tall wooden planters for the balcony privacy:

#5. Build a lattice privacy screen on a budget for your patio:

See the step by step tutorial at fourgenerationsoneroof.com.

#6. Build a chevron pattern patio privacy screen with pressure treated lumber or reclaimed wood:

Check out the full instructions here.

#7. Build a cute privacy screen that resembles the look of a pergola:

See the full instructions here.

#8. Nothing swimming pool privacy sturcture can beat a wall of friendly greenery for screening views from nearby neighbors(such as Miscanthus sinensis or bamboo):

#9. Not only be a privacy screen, the driftwood fence can be a beautiful outdoor space decoration:

#10. Privacy screens created with artificial bamboos that bring a fresh feel:

#11. Create your own outdoor retreat with reed privacy screen:

#12. Vine privacy screen can make your patio or yard get privacy while adding extra green:

#13. Wattle privacy screen with sculptural aesthetic values:

Image source can be found here.

#14. Privacy screen made from outdoor fabric:

#15. You do not need to make your patio all covered up, these bamboo privacy screens make a very stylish impact on an outdoor space on a small budget:

See the full instructions here.

#16. Portable privacy fence with planter:

#17. Hanging herringbone privacy screen will be sure to catch your guests eyes:

See the detailed tutorial here.

#18. Reed or bamboo natural outdoor roll-up blinds:

You can get it here.

#19. This not only serves the purpose of creating privacy, but also gives you more room to grow an herb garden by using vertical space:

Check out the full instructions here.

#20. Add privacy to your porch with panels of outdoor curtain:

The first image can be found here.