20 Cool Ideas for Getting Privacy in Your Patio and Yard

If you’re looking for patio privacy ideas, backyard privacy ideas, or simply some inspiration for creating a more secluded outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place. Spending time on your porch, balcony, garden, or yard is a wonderful way to relax and unwind at any time of the year. However, do you ever feel concerned about your privacy when you’re enjoying your outdoor space? Regardless of whether you’re proud of your outdoor area or have a close relationship with your neighbors, having some personal space is essential for your comfort. Achieving privacy doesn’t require enclosing your outdoor area or building walls around it; instead, you can use natural elements and materials to create a subtle shield that makes you feel comfortable. For instance, you can build a trellis or lattice screen in your yard for added privacy, or plant tall lemon grass in a tall wooden planter for balcony privacy. Want more ideas? Take a look below.

#1 Layer Plants Near the Fence Line

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In big backyards, layering plants can provide protection from different angles. For example, placing taller trees, grasses, and greenery near the fence line can help block the view from neighbors and increase privacy. Adding shorter shrubs and perennials can fill in gaps and create a more cohesive, natural privacy wall. For year-round privacy, consider planting evergreen trees such as pine or spruce, and layering them with cypress shrubs. With these simple techniques, you can create a beautiful and private outdoor space to enjoy throughout the year.

#2 Install a Privacy Fence

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For year-round privacy from neighbors, a solid board fence can be an excellent solution. This backyard structure provides a secure perimeter for your outdoor space, allowing your family to enjoy activities like lounging on the patio, playing in the yard, or swimming in the pool without any interruptions.

#3. Get added privacy in your yard by building a trellis or lattice screen:

If you want more privacy on your patio or deck, you can create a lattice or trellis screen. This screen will help block the view from your neighbors or passersby. You can also add some greenery by planting climbing vines that will grow on the screen. Another idea is to use outdoor curtains or bamboo blinds to create a cozy and private atmosphere. With these deck privacy ideas, you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about prying eyes.

#4. Bamboo shades can provide added privacy on your patio or deck while also blocking out strong sunlight:

When spending time outdoors, you may want additional privacy and shade from the sun. Bamboo shades are an excellent option that can provide both. Not only do they add privacy, but they also filter out strong sunlight, protecting your skin and furniture. Additionally, their natural look and texture can add warmth and a touch of nature to your outdoor space.

#5. Upcycle old windows and give your patio or deck a little privacy:

Give your outdoor space some privacy by recycling old windows to make a patio privacy screen. This is a creative way to reuse old windows and make your patio or deck more appealing. The screen can provide privacy while adding a unique touch to your outdoor area. You’ll love the charm and personality it brings, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re upcycling something that might have ended up in a landfill.

#4. Plant tall lemon grass in tall wooden planters for added privacy on the balcony:

Create a private outdoor space on your balcony with a natural balcony privacy screen idea. Planting tall lemon grass in wooden planters not only provides privacy, but also adds a touch of greenery to your balcony. Lemon grass is easy to care for and can also be used in cooking and as a natural insect repellent. With this simple balcony privacy idea, you can enjoy your own personal oasis without worrying about prying eyes from your neighbors.

#5. Build a lattice privacy screen on a budget for your patio:

If you’re looking to add some backyard privacy screen to your patio area without breaking the bank, consider building a lattice privacy screen. This simple DIY project involves creating a lattice frame and attaching it to your existing fence or posts. You can purchase pre-made lattice panels or make your own using inexpensive materials like wood or PVC pipes. Not only will this add some much-needed privacy to your outdoor space, but it can also add a decorative touch to your backyard.

See the step by step tutorial at fourgenerationsoneroof.com.

#6. Build a chevron pattern patio privacy screen with pressure treated lumber or reclaimed wood:

Consider building a chevron pattern privacy screen using either pressure treated lumber or reclaimed wood. This DIY project involves cutting the wood at a 45-degree angle and arranging the pieces in a zigzag pattern to create a unique design element. You can customize the size and shape of the screen to fit your patio, and the choice of material allows you to either go for an eco-friendly option or add character to your backyard with reclaimed wood. This is a great way to add privacy and style to your outdoor space, and a perfect idea for patio privacy.

Check out the full instructions here.

#7. Create a cute privacy screen that resembles the look of a pergola, using materials such as curtain:

Creating a backyard oasis doesn’t have to be expensive. For those looking for inexpensive backyard privacy ideas, consider using curtains to create a cute privacy screen that resembles the look of a pergola. You can easily attach a curtain rod to the top of the pergola structure and hang outdoor curtains made of affordable materials like outdoor fabric or drop cloths. Another option is to repurpose old bed sheets or tablecloths. This simple and budget-friendly idea adds privacy, style, and a touch of coziness to your backyard. Now you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about nosy neighbors or unwanted attention.

#8. Nothing can beat a wall of friendly greenery, such as Miscanthus sinensis or bamboo, for screening views from nearby neighbors when it comes to swimming pool privacy structures:

#9. The driftwood fence can not only serve as a privacy screen but also a beautiful decoration for your outdoor space:

If you’re in need of a portable privacy fence for your outdoor space, consider using a driftwood fence. Not only will it provide the necessary privacy, but it can also be a stunning decoration for your backyard or patio. Driftwood fences are made from driftwood, which is wood that has been washed up on the shore by the tides or currents. This gives the fence a natural, rustic look that blends in well with any outdoor setting. And because it’s portable, you can easily move it around your space as needed. With a driftwood fence, you’ll have both function and style in your outdoor area.

#10. Privacy screens created with artificial bamboos that bring a fresh feel:

#11. Create your own outdoor retreat with reed privacy screen:

#12. Vine privacy screen can make your patio or yard get privacy while adding extra green:

#13. Wattle privacy screen with sculptural aesthetic values:

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#14. Privacy screen made from outdoor fabric:

#15. You do not need to make your patio all covered up, these bamboo privacy screens make a very stylish impact on an outdoor space on a small budget:

See the full instructions here.

#16. Portable privacy fence with planter:

#17. Hanging herringbone privacy screen will be sure to catch your guests eyes:

See the detailed tutorial here.

#18. Reed or bamboo natural outdoor roll-up blinds:

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#19. This not only serves the purpose of creating privacy, but also gives you more room to grow an herb garden by using vertical space:

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#20. Add privacy to your porch with panels of outdoor curtain: