5 Exciting Spray Painting Tips for PVC Pipe Projects

If you want to have cheap decorations to dress up your home, the DIY projects are always the best options. PVC pipe and spray paint are two very cheap materials that can be used to make fresh, cheap and unique decorations. Take a look and you will be surprised at all these spray painting pvc pipe projects.

#1. Cheap PVC pipes can be made into a pretty nice curtain rod by spray painting:

It’s an unusual and functional DIY PVC pipe project you can try. But unfortunately, the source of above project has expired.

#2. This succulent garden made from spray-painted PVC pipes that cut into different lengths is ideal for decorating your garden corner or front yard:

Check the instruction details here.

#3. PVC pipes can be used to make faux bamboo projects, their “natural elements” are ideal for outdoor projects like fountains or drainpipes:

See the instruction details and more image source at: tikiroom.com

#4. When it comes to Halloween decorations, objects purchased from stores are always expensive, such as those of cemetery fence. But you can use PVC pipe to achieve the same purpose:

The step by step article is available here!

After the black paint as completely dried a variety of different colors such as brown, red and orange were dry brushed over the black paint. The final step was to add some antique maple gel stain to the dry brushed areas accentuating the rust effect.  Check the Tutorial at: ehow.com

5. Add a lighted candy cane to holiday yard, made from spary painted PVC pipes:

Check the step by step tutorial post here.