Best 17 Halloween Yard Decorations Made With Recycled Pallets

Halloween is inching closer and any holiday season is incomplete without themed decor. Purchasing decorations is not the only way to get into the mood for the spooky holiday. In fact, Halloween is a great time of the year when you can expand your creativity and make good use of your DIY skills and create your own fresh and creative spooky decorations. DIY pallet projects are amazing as they’re super affordable and many are very easy to accomplish. You can make pallet projects to decorate your house to bring in a flawless spook-tacular appeal to your home. For example: Among the most well-known symbols of Halloween the a fence or coffin, can also be made using a pallet. Check out the below round up of 17 best Halloween pallet decoration Ideas and have a creative and spooky Halloween!

#1. Turn your yard into graveyard with diy pallet tombstones, to spook your neighborhood:


#2. Cut recycled pallet in different lengths, wrap in cheesecloth, and then add some felt eyes or googly eyes, to make these cute pallet mummies:


#3. Simply paint a small pallet like a pumpkin and simply lean it against the yard tree:

#4. Dig a square pit, cover with wooden pallet, and then decorate the bottom of the tray with some red lights and a few pair of hands to create a horrible Halloween masterpiece:


#5. Old wooden pallet fences and spider webs attached to them are a good idea to make the front yard a spooky graveyard:

#6. Decorate your wall for Halloween with these painted pallet wall hangings:

#7. Several different styles of Halloween ghosts made using boards from wooden pallets:

#8. Make a spooky walk way for your front yard for Halloween party; you can create weird lighting effect to replace the picture’s:


#9. Print little hand-prints on it and hide some plastic body parts behind it to make this pallet zombies gate more creepy:


#10. Place a coffin made of wooden pallets in the front yard of your home to scare your visitors:


Below pallet coffin is even scarier as it’s splintered and “aged” looking:


#11. Just need to collect 6 the most used, beat up and ugliest looking pallets to build this little shack as an entrance up your walkway:


#12. Homemade sign in front yard made from pallet wood:

#13. Whip weathered pallets into shape by making this creepy semi-buried coffin:


#14. Create a pallet wood Jack-o’-lantern to illuminate the super-fun Halloween evening:


#15. Foam boarded-up windows will make your house look spooky:

Tutorial:       Center image source:

#16. Standing scarecrow made from wooden boards cut from pallets:

#17. Make a zombie pit – simply dig some dirt, staple red lights inside pallets and then stake zombie parts from store and splash with red paint: