Brighten Your Space With Colourful Succulent Gardens

Whether indoors or outdoors, succulents have a good look because of their gorgeous shapes, colors and textures. Succulents are easy to grow and easy to care for, so you need them to plan your urban jungle. In addition to their own beauty, succulent gardens and their colorful containers and ornaments can brighten any space. The colorful succulent gardens will be the perfect decorations for your home.

1. Use Old Pieces of Tree Trunk to Make Succulent Planters:

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2. Create Super Cute Rustic Mason Jar Succulent Gardens:

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How to Make Vintage Mason Jars:

3. Drill Large Holes on a Red Brick to Hold Your Succulent Plants:

How to Drill on a Red Brick:

4. Recycled Old Tin Cans Are Ideal for Displaying Your Succulents Because of Their Rich Color:

5. It’s a Great Repurpose for Your Old China:

Video of How to Create Your Own Teacup Succulent Garden:

6. Set Up a Mini Pot inside a Pot Succulent Garden:

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7. Vintage Trucks + Succulents:


8. Use Dyed Gravel to Design a Patterned Succulent Garden:

9. Use Old Buckets to Plant Succulents Which You Can Take Home and Place In The Garden as a Reminder of Your Special Day:

10. Grow Succulents in a Glass Planter Filled with Attractive Layers of Colorful Pebbles or Sand:

See the full instructions for bottom project:

How to Create Layers Sand Succulent Garden:

11. Paint The Wooden Frame Into Your Favorite Color to Dress Up Your Succulent Garden:

How to Make a Living Succulent Picture Frame:

12. Turn Empty Food Cans into Succulent Planters: