Cool Last-Minute Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself

When Christmas time will come you must be purchasing decorations to adorn your holiday home. But this year how about making them yourself? Do-it-yourself decorations will help you to create your own magical world during the holidays. However, some of people were to busy with work so they did not have enough time to complete their own homemade Christmas decorations. But there is no reason to be bummed out, because there are plenty of last minute diy Christmas decoration that you can make it on a budget. So have a look this collection of 29 Last Minute budget-friendly DIY Christmas decorations that everyone can make, and you will be surprised from the people’s creativity and imagination. Share!

1. Spray paint 3 different sized wood boxes and install window screens, and then stick lights on the inside and wrap a ribbon around the outside to get these cute lighted Christmas presents:

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2. Cedar trees created with colored paper will transform the indoors into a winter wonderland as holiday decor:

3. Using hot glue gun glue the faux fur onto the large paper letters to make a warm mantel decoration:

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4. Find some pallet boards and cut them to the right length to make a corner Christmas tree:

5. Transform your front porch pillars into cute snowmen:

6. Add a bit of holiday sparkle to your kitchen by hot gluing magnets to the back of Christmas balls:


7. Cut out bootprint from a paper and then fill it with snow to make snowy Santa tracks to delight the kids on Christmas morning:

8. Spray paint on the wood tree cutouts and adorn them with ribbon and lights to highlight your porch:

9. Decorate the kitchen cupboards with ribbon and bows:

10. Cut and glue white paper strips in various shapes to make these paper angel Christmas ornaments:

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11. Clever use the clear fishing line to make cute pool noodle candy canes:

12. Have string lights wrapping around the PVC to enhance the north pole look:

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13. Making cheap and easy giant Christmas ornaments hanging under your front porch will be sure to “WOW” your visitors:

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14. If you have an old Wagon Wheel lying in the garden shed, why not make it a wreath, then just simply lean it against the tree in your front yard:

15. Grab the hot glue gun and glue the collected popsicle sticks together to make a variety of snowflake crafts to dress up your holiday wall:

16. Use chicken wire to create spherical shapes decorated with led lights as Christmas balls for outdoor decor:

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17. Freshen a table set for Christmas with these cute tartan chair covers:

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18. Through the Roof Christmas Tree:

20. Wrap some empty boxes, you can try pizza box, to resemble presents like this, then attach them to the wall:


21. A snow blanket, mini village trees and mini penguins, they can be used to create fun penguin sledding slide decoration for Holiday:

22. Colorful bottle brush trees are great decorations for holiday mantle and table centerpiece:


23. Took 3 pallet slats and cut them to length to make these pallet candles:

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24. Gift Wrapped Door – Clever hacks for using ribbon and bow to turn your doors into cute and giant gift boxes:


25. Make sparkly iced branches to give you the fuzzy festive feeling:

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26. Wrap the twine around the empty jar to make these beautiful table decorations:

27. Paint these toilet rolls and poke some holes on them, and then hang them above the fireplace and let the magic happen:

(The key of this project is that Draw semi circles on both ends of the roll and fold them, and add a bow each roll.)

28. Make some rustic twig Christmas ornaments to bring a touch of nature indoors:

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29. Simply wrap the twine around the Christmas tree cut from cardboard and attach it to the refrigerator with magnets to decorate the holiday kitchen: