15 DIY PVC Pipe Projects to Make Your Gardening Easier

Sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, and inexpensive, PVC pipe is a favorite material for gardeners. It can be used to create a variety of interesting and useful gardening projects. My first PVC pipe gardening project was my garden trellis, and since then I have fallen in love with the many applications of PVC in gardening projects. With creativity and imagination, you can create your own PVC gardening projects to make your work easier.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, using PVC pipes in your garden projects can save you time and money. With a little bit of effort and some basic tools, you can create everything from trellises and cages to irrigation systems and compost bins. Plus, PVC pipes are easy to find at most hardware stores, making it a convenient option for any gardener. So why not try incorporating PVC pipes into your next gardening project and see the benefits for yourself?

#1. A hand-held seeder made of PVC pipes can help you easily plant beans and corn without having to do a lot of stooping and crawling on the ground

See the full Tutorial here.

#2. Use PVC pipes to create a protective cover for your garden bed. If your plants need shade, simply place some shade cloth over the frame.

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#3. For efficient watering of your plants, try using deep pot irrigation. This involves placing an open-ended PVC pipe next to a planted seedling.

Can not find a tutorial on this project.

#4. Create an easy and efficient watering system by joining 1/2″ PVC tubing in a grid and drilling 1/16″ holes into the pipe.

Check the step by step instruction at:  bsntech.com.

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#5. The PVC pipe tomato trellis can make your tomato growing experience more enjoyable.

Get the detailed tutorial here.

#6. Make a vertical garden or hanging herb planter using a piece of PVC pipe.

See the instruction here and image source here.

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#7. Build a durable, easily stored, and recyclable PVC tomato cage. PVC cages are excellent for allowing your plants to climb and produce an abundant harvest.

See the full Tutorial at: idreamofeden.wordpress.com    and   instructables.com.

#8. Build a trellis between two walls for hanging potted plants. During the holidays, it can also be used for Christmas lights, wreaths, and snowflakes.

#9. Drill holes throughout PVC pipes and place them inside the compost cage to speed up the decomposition process by improving air flow.

via: desperategardener.com

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#10. Use PVC pipes to build a simple greenhouse. Another helpful tip is to use pieces of old garden hose to attach the plastic to the rounded PVC pipes.

#11. PVC pipes decorated with mosaic can become stunning pieces of garden art.

See the tutorial at szinesotletek.blog.hu

#12. Instead of buying an expensive rack to organize your garden tools, make one for free using cheap PVC pipes.

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#13 Use PVC pipes to corral your hose if you have a small garden or yard.

Image found at  deavita.net.   See the instruction here.

#14. Use PVC pipes to make a worm farm in your food garden. Let your hungry worms create wonderful fertilizer right in your garden.

Check the step by step instructions at: themicrogardener.com,  lifeisjustducky.com  and  midwestpermaculture.com.

#15. To prevent unexpected entries of your pets, use this PVC cover to do a great job of blocking them off.

See the step-by-step guide here.