Easy and Cheap Gardening Tips Using Burlap

Clever and right gardening tips can make your garden work more easier and efficient. In many gardening tips, we can find a lot of burlap uses. It is practical, inexpensive, biodegradable and looks natural. Below, we have gathered 10+ easy and cheap gardening tips that use burlap, come and take a look!

#1. Sew the burlap into the shape of a bag, then fill it with soil and plant your favorite plants to decorate your garden fence:

See the tutorial: lovelycraftyhome.com

#2. Hang a length of burlap over a wood or PVC frame to protect plants such as salad greens from the summer sun:

#3. Build burlap barricades to protect your fruit trees and bushes from winter hungry deer and rabbit:

Image Source: bobvila.com   and   bettyongardening.com

#4. Hanging basket with burlap instead of preformed coir liners will save you money and put a diaper to hold water longer:

See the tutorial: hometalk.com

#5. In order to revent cold winds from drying and killing small plants, you can use burlap to build screens and barriers with supports:

Tips: In this way, SNOW should be allowed to accumulate around hardy plants as it is a good insulator for plants and prevents them from freezing.

Image Source: bnd.com

#6. Need cute and cheap planting pots? Wrap ugly pots and containers with burlap!

Check out the instruction: downtoearthstyle.com

#7. Take advantage of burlap or burlap sacks to protect plant roots during transplanting. Burlap makes the plant moving work more easy:

Tips: When the time comes for transplanting, you only need to lower the burlap bag into the planting hole before removing the burlap to leave the plant in its place without disturbing its roots.

See the full instructions here: mikesbackyardnursery.com

#8. Cover tender crops with burlap at night to protect them from frost:

Tips: The next morning, after temperatures have begun to rise, remove the cover.

Image Source: littlehousesbigdogs.com    and    sunset.com

#9. Besides of newspaper and cardboard weed barriers, use the old burlap cloth to prevent weed growth when you have prepared a new garden bed but you’re not ready to plant it:

Tips: Do not long-term use this way because the weeds will gradually get gnarled in it.

See the instructions: week99er.com    and    chiotsrun.com

#10. Pieces of burlap cloth can be used to block the drain holes in planters, at the same time they allow excess water out and help to keep the soil in:

#11. Old burlap sack can be used as planters for veggies such as herbs, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes:

Image Source: wellnessinsights.wordpress.com

#12. Create a burlap garden box using a cardboard box and burlap bags:

Image Source: bhg.com