The Best 31 Useful Moving Tips and Hacks You Should Try

Nobody thinks moving is an easy task! Moving from one house to another can be stressful, especially if you have a family and lots of stuff. So you need some of moving hacks and tips. Staying organized, making lists, and planning ahead can make your moving process much easier. This is why we decided to share a list of Best 31 super useful tips for moving into a new home. Have a look and hope they help!

#1. Use those fitted sheets to protect your mattresses on moving day:

#2. Rethink plastic wrap. You don’t need to empty your drawers or silverware tray when moving home:


#3. Print out bright colored labels to identify each box for moving and packing:

Tutorial at:

#4. This handy carry unit can help you easily move your upright piano, and all you need are a few 2× 4’s, a saw, a drill, and some long screws:

See the full instructions at:

#5. Use packaging tape to tape those small screws, bolts and nuts from furniture that are easy to lose when move(zip bags are also great solution):

#6. Paper bags are perfect for protecting glass cups and small bowls in the moving process:

#7. Make triangular cut-outs in two sides of the box with a utility knife to make moving heavy boxes more easier:

#8. Put plastic wrap over the top of bottles to keep them from leaking:

#9. Tie all electric cords and then use toilet paper tubes to seperate them in a box:

#10. Put hanging clothes into garbage sacks then when you get to your new home, they are all ready to hang up:


#11. Make a masking tape X across mirrors. This way won’t prevent shattering, but it will help absorb shock and hold the glass in the frame when the mirror is dropped:


#12. Place a foam plate between each of plates to help them arrive safely when moving:


#13. The forearm forklift lifting and moving straps are great for moving furniture:


#14. Drain gas and oil from a lawn mower or weed eater when you plan to move them to new home:

#15. Take a picture of your cords so that you can remember where they all go:

#16. Those empty wine box cases can be used to protect glass cups and flower vases:

#17. Tape can damage delicate surfaces of furniture, so you need to try another clever hack – wind a few layers of plastic wrap around the item to secure it:


#18. It is important to choose the right time to defrost the refrigerator. It proves that defrosting your refrigerator about 24 hours before moving is the best:

#19. Use towels and hand towels to protect your delicate items:

#20. Place the lids from food jars under each of the legs to easily move your furniture:


#21. Label the boxes and doors with different color tape so that movers know where to place the boxes:

#22. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap, such as your delicate dishware and keepsakes:

#23. Use zip ties to keep your cutlery together:


#24. To protect framed photos and prints, trim a pool noodle and attach it to the edges:

#25. Pack jewelry to prevent them from knotting, breaking, or lost before moving:

(All u need is a box and packing tape, which peels right off when unpacking!)


#26. Make a moving key; Place one in the moving truck and another at the entrance of the apartment:

Then place the matching colored labels on every box and piece of furniture you are having moved.


#27. Sharp knives are best packed in an oven mitt:


#28. Put your wall hangings inside free and flat priority mail boxes, then pack them all inside a large box:


#29. Store your seasonal decor or other storage items in large bins with labels, then when you get to the new home, simply stack them in the garage:


#30. Rubber band latch stopper could be very useful on moving day, as you don’t have your hands free to turn the knob when you take with boxes:

#31. Protect stairs with cardboard on moving day: